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DISCLAIMER: We only sell Infiltrator products in Indiana and select parts of Illinois and Ohio. Please contact us if you are outside of these States.


For over 30 years, Infiltrator Water Technologies has sought to create new and innovative solutions for wastewater and water management.

In the late 1980s, Infiltrator was started as a company providing an efficient solution to conventional onsite wastewater management. Jim Nichols, the founder of Infiltrator, saw a problem with the design of his leach field, prompting him to develop a better alternative using plastic. With the help of his business partners, George Haines, and Randy May, Nichols developed the first Infiltrator chamber launching the company in 1987. Since then, Infiltrator has continued to expand and diversify, offering multiple product lines for the onsite wastewater industry. In addition to a full line of products to support the onsite wastewater industry, Infiltrator offers products for general water management, including potable water tanks and drainage solutions. 

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