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Pioneer Pump was founded on the idea that pumps should be better. Thanks to their engineering leadership, all Pioneer pumps are built using an innovative impeller design that’s now the industry’s best. It moves more pumpage more efficiently and size-for-size. You get extreme performance using less energy, giving you the best lifetime value in an environmentally and budget-conscious world. The large eye area and low NPSHr provide better suction lift and vapor handling. And the enclosed design handles solids more efficiently for improved performance, less maintenance, and longer life than traditional impellers.

Pioneer Pump’s superior hydraulic performance may begin on the engineers’ drawing boards, but it’s fully realized in our manufacturing center. From the time we sit down with you to determine the best pump for your application until we deliver a pump set that exactly meets those needs, we infuse quality and innovation into every step.

Their specially designed manufacturing facility includes 43,000 square feet of climate-controlled assembly, programmable fabrication, CNC and DNC machining centers, and a world-class test facility. In 2012, Pioneer Pump added a new building bringing the total footprint to over 90,000 square feet. Every pump is built to rigorous standards with premium materials, utilizing a modular design concept, pressure-tested and spun-tested to ensure a superior product.

Taking quality as seriously as we do, Pioneer Pump fully outfitted their state-of-the-art, 40,000-gallon, 24" closed-loop test facility with the most modern test equipment available. Their 600-horsepower variable frequency control panel allows Pioneer to simulate almost any system up to 20,000 gallons per minute and 300 psi. They have incorporated a 30-foot-deep sump that allows for true lift testing and reprime testing of their products. This test facility and Pioneer Pump's high-tech instrumentation allow rigorous tests to Hydraulic Institute and International Standards Organization standards.

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