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Infilltrator - 1000g Septic Tank - CM-1060

Infilltrator - 1000g Septic Tank - CM-1060

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***Available in Indiana and parts of Ohio and Illinois. Please contact us if you are outside of this service area.***


The Infiltrator CM-1060 is a lightweight, strong, and durable septic tank. This watertight tank design is offered with Infiltrator’s line of custom-fit risers and heavy-duty lids. Infiltrator compression molded tanks provide a revolutionary improvement in thermoplastic septic tank design, offering exceptional long-term strength and water tightness.

Do not install the tank in vehicular traffic areas. The tank is designed for non-traffic applications.


  • Strong compression molded polypropylene construction
  • Lightweight plastic construction and inboard lifting lugs allow for easy delivery and handling.
  • Integral heavy-duty green lids that interconnect with EZsnap risers and pipe riser solutions
  • Structurally reinforced access ports eliminate distortion during installation and pump-outs
  • Reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass bulkheads offer additional strength
  • Can be installed with 6” to 48” (152 to 1,219 mm) of cover
  • Can be pumped dry during pump-outs
  • Suitable for use as a septic tank, pump tank, or rainwater (non-potable) tank
  • No special water filling requirements are necessary
  • The tank may be backfilled with suitable native soil. See installation instructions for guidance.

Tech Specs

61.7"W x 134"L x 54.5"H
(1567 mm x 3409 mm x 1384 mm)

Two Access Ports
Each 24" (610 mm)

331 lbs (151 kg)

Total Capacity
1309 gal (4956 L)

Working Capacity
1111 gal (4207 L)

Burial Depth
Minimum 6" (152 mm)
Maximum 48" (1219 mm)


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