Collection: Green Drain

The Green Drain helps keep your drains sealed and safe. Simply put, you place it inside your floor drains. It acts like a gate, keeping bad smells, sewer gases, and bugs from coming up while still letting water flow down. It’s easy to install thanks to its flexible silicone sides and works in drains of slightly different sizes. The Green Drain opens when water needs to go down and closes when it doesn’t, ensuring nothing can come up through idle drains. Plus, it’s great for any new or old building, even where certain plumbing features, like trap primers, weren’t installed originally.

Green Drain can be installed in almost all types of floor drains. In new buildings as well as older buildings. Private houses and industrial use have only minimal limitations. Examples of common places: Factories, Schools/Universities, Arenas/Sports Venues, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Food Production Factories, Ships, RV’s, Public Buildings etc.