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Polylok - Vent Guard - PCF-PLV

Polylok - Vent Guard - PCF-PLV

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The Polylok Air Vent was developed for applications where ventilation is needed for heat dissipation from any chamber or basin that houses air pumps, motors, or other heat-generating devices. The Polylok Air Vent will improve the life cycle of these electrical components by giving proper ventilation. The Polylok Air Vent will fit any cover for new or retrofit applications and is simple to install with no gluing or screws required.


  • Low profile allows it to fit all size covers.
  • Fits new or retrofit applications.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Opening area blocks animal entry.
  • Green color blends with environment.
  • Highest concentration of UV protection.
  • Independently tested to 330 CFM.
  • Simple installation into a 3 ½" drilled hole.


  • The Polylok Air Vent is pressed in place with no gluing or screws required.
  • The Air Vent is installed in any size cover by drilling a 3 ½" hole.
  • The Air Vent has a ring that will seat the Air Vent when pressed in place.


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