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Polylok - 48" Black Skinny Trench Drain w/ Grate - PL-90861-BLACK

Polylok - 48" Black Skinny Trench Drain w/ Grate - PL-90861-BLACK

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The NEW Polylok 4-foot skinny trench drain offers many of the same features as the Polylok 4-foot heavy-duty trench drain but in a slim, compact design!


  • Grates are ADA compliant
  • Grates are reversible from a flat side to a 1/8" convex side
  • Trench drain & grate come in 48" (4 feet) sections that can be cut down to 12", 24" & 36"
  • Lock tab feature for proper alignment and stability
  • Two screws are used to interlock ends together
  • All outlet ports accept 2" SCH 40 pipe
  • Optional open-end caps are available
  • Optional closed-end caps are also available
  • Both end caps will fit either end of the trench drain
  • Outside holes accept rebar for fast positioning
  • The grate is fastened to the trench drain base with provided screws
  • Cut lines are indicated at every foot (12", 24" & 36")
  • Cut ends attach with lock tab feature and two screws
    NOTE: Traffic speed is not to exceed 20 mph. Not recommended for forklift traffic.


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