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Polylok - 4" Poly IV High Pressure Closed End Boot Seal - 3003-CE (case of 25)

Polylok - 4" Poly IV High Pressure Closed End Boot Seal - 3003-CE (case of 25)

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Need to vacuum test or water test your tanks? This Polylok closed-end boot is the best seal today for vacuum testing and water testing tanks. It is designed with a closed-ended, so it is no longer necessary to plug seal holes before testing. And it's easy to cut the seal at the installation site. In addition, this new seal is longer than our other seals, making it even easier to install.

Poly IV Closed-Ended Boot Seal meets or exceeds all requirements of the following standards, codes, specifications, and/or test methods:

  • ASTM C 1227
  • ASTM C 1644
  • ASTM C 923
  • ASTM C 1244
  • NPCA Best Practices
  • NOWRA Model Code


  • It fits onto many existing open-end boot tank mandrels
  • Allows tanks to be easily vacuum and water tested
  • Accepts 4" SCH 40 or SDR 35 pipe
  • Can be cast in walls 2 1/2" - 10" in thickness
Installation Instructions for Poly IV High-Pressure Pipe Seal:
  1. Attach mandrel to outside form wall
  2. Fold seal into casting position
  3. Place gasket on the mandrel
  4. Pour concrete into the form
  5. Strip form
  6. Insert 4" pipe and tighten the take-up clamp


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