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Polylok - 24"x12" Riser - 3008-R12

Polylok - 24"x12" Riser - 3008-R12

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Polylok's 24"x12" risers can be stacked on top of each other. There are screw holes on the inside of the riser to attach it to a Polylok adapter ring, another Polylok riser, and Polylok distribution boxes or catch basins. There are two Polylok 24"x12" riser models, one with a round wall design and one with wall flats. Please note that the Polylok 24"x12" riser with flats will not accept Polylok riser safety screens.


  • Allows septic tank to be easily vacuum or water tested
  • Highest UV-Ray Protection on the market today
  • Easy to bring septic access to grade
  • Made of High Density Polyethylene which won't shatter like some Polypropylene risers
  • Tear off riser ring if frost is a problem
  • 24"x12" risers with wall flats will NOT accept Polylok 24" safety screens



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