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Polylok - 2" Closed End Boot Seal - 3006-CE (case of 25)

Polylok - 2" Closed End Boot Seal - 3006-CE (case of 25)

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Like the Poly II Open End, Polylok's Poly II CE boot is watertight and airtight. This is the ideal boot for applications requiring vacuum testing. The boot fits any 2" pipe. This flexible pipe-to-concrete connector is made of durable EPDM rubber and meets or exceeds all ASTM 1227 and 923 requirements and Grease Interceptor specifications. Using this boot ensures watertight connections. This connector casts into the concrete using a Polylok plastic mandrel or an existing two-inch open-end boot mandrel. Complete with an external stainless steel hose clamp; this two-inch closed-end boot will perform up to 10 psi or 10 in. hg when installed correctly. The boot accepts 2" SCHD. 40 or SDR. 35 pipe. It can be cast into walls from 2 1/2" - 4" thickness.

Poly II Closed End Boot Seal meets or exceeds all requirements of the following standards, codes, specifications, and/or test methods:

  • ASTM C 1227
  • ASTM C 1644
  • ASTM C 923
  • ASTM C 1244
  • NPCA Best Practices
  • NOWRA Model Code


  • Watertight and airtight
  • Fits any 2" pipe
  • Made with flexible EPDM rubber
  • Ideal for easy vacuum testing
  • Comes with a stainless steel clamp



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