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Topp Industries - FTGS24X060F - 24" ID Fiberglass Triple Garage System

Topp Industries - FTGS24X060F - 24" ID Fiberglass Triple Garage System

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Topp Industries 24" Id Fiberglass Triple Garage System

Triple garage basin systems, manufactured by TOPP Industries, are designed to help garage areas and other facilities handle the volatile wastes that they generate. Installation of a triple garage basin system reduces the possibility that volatile wastes will enter the sewer system where they could potentially explode. The volatile wastes, which are lighter than water, are separated as they pass through the system of baffles and rise to the surface. At the surface, the volatile wastes can safely evaporate and the fumes can be vented into the atmosphere. The balance of the waste matter can then safely enter the sewer system.

Triple garage basin systems are typically provided with solid steel, gas-tight covers, a choice of 4” or 6” inlets/discharges and a choice of 2” or 3” vent connections. Basins are available with an inside diameter of 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60 or 72 inches. Triple garage basin systems are available as three individual units for field connection or as a one piece unit fiberglassed together at the top flanges and/or fiberglassed together at the anti-flotation flanges.


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